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Having a good positioning on the basketball court, knowing how to read the game of your opponents or
members of your team, are assets that can make a basketball game
worthy of one of those of the Lakers, in the NBA.

A key: perceptual-cognitive expertise to practice to dunk better

“To perform at the highest level, athletes must possess above-average
perceptual-cognitive ability” as Thomas Romeas writes, in his
work Sports expertise and perceptual-cognitive training of the athlete published in 2015.

Training athletes’ perceptual-cognitive abilities on the field makes them perform better! With the new cognitive training tool developed by LCE Distribution, the objective is clear: enabling players to extract the key information from the visual scene as quickly and optimally as possible.

The principle? By making the athletes react to combinations of light stimuli that can be extremely varied, the pods stimulate the processing of dynamic visual information.

They also stimulate selective, dynamic and sustained attention as well as working memory. This is what we call an “attentional pursuit test”!

In his work on perceptual-cognitive training, Thomas Romeas studied the impact of a training tool also based on improving selective attention, the 3D-MOT, on the performance of high-level athletes.


  • players who experienced 30 cognitive trainings with this tool saw their decision making improve in their passes by 15% compared to players in control groups,
  • These high-level athletes all performed in processing dynamic visual scenes.


Improving concentration, precision in 3-point shots or free throws, … Increasing cognitive and visuomotor capacities means increasing performance.

To improve, the player must be able to regulate the variations in concentration levels that he undergoes. Thus, it has an impact on the accuracy of its shots and the consistency of its performance.

In setting up the protocol, it was therefore necessary to integrate the need to work on visual skills, cognitive skills (exercises on attention) and motor skills (exercises on coordination, dissociation and reaction time). That is to say, the 3 pillars on which the LCE Distribution pods are based!

Results to practice to dunk better :

  • +76% points per game (based on the same playing time between the two seasons)
  • +57% free throw success.

Each basketball player will have their own goals, but all can improve their performance with cognitive training like that provided by LCE Distribution pods.

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